Tao Loop Leone Leather Bracelet

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The features of the Colantotte long selling popular TAO series successfully applied to the Arm Loop while keeping the effect of magnetic force, In addition, the bracelet uses leather material through the Colantotte’s unique product development. The magnetic force from the whole loop spread the effects across a wide surface to improve blood circulation and relieve stiffness. The magnets applied for the TAO series have successfully obtained a patent. (Patent# 5544082)

Colantotte uses the world quality Japanese leather, ” Tochigi Leather”. This leather features high quality and endurance. You can use it regularly while enjoying changes in the leather texture and color.

Magnet: Urethane-resin coated rubber magnet. 55mT at 10-mm Pitches in ANSPO

Materials: Stainless Steel (Joint Portion), Tochigi Leather

Sizes:  XS (15cm); S (16cm); M (17.5cm); L (19cm)