MagTitan GEO Magnetic Bracelet

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 “Colantotte Magtitan GEO” is suitable for business, casual style, playing golf and for even more various scenes. The bracelet is a line of Japanese medical device and it helps to care your body condition.

The design is basically followed the current Magtitan series but more sophisticated. The metal plate is designed as if multiple plates were screwed up together. It is made of pure titanium and the word “titanium” must tickle the men’s hearts. The beautiful coloring of the surface is realized by the IP plating finish and the elegant brightness also captures the men’s attentions.

The water resistant and hardly deteriorate elastomer resin is adopted as the material of the belt, and the size of the belt is adjustable so that it does not choose who to wear and also the great wearing feeling is pursued.

Size: F 17cm - 22cm (Adjustable every 5mm)

Magnet: Four 100mT (1,000 Gauss) ferrite permanent magnets

Material: (Plate) Pure titanium

              (Adjuster) Stainless steel

              (Belt) Urethane elastomer

Japanese Medical Device No.: 221AGBZX00163A05