Loop QUON (Hunter Green)

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    The silicone loop portion has 2 different colour each of inside and outside of the loop, and you can see the inside colour from the logo carving on outside of the loop.
      Four pieces of 100mT ferrite permanent magnet are built in "Colantotte Loop QUON" by Colantotte's original Althernating North-South Polarity Orientation (ANSPO™). This distributes the magnetic force over a wide three-dimensional area to improve circulation and relieve stiffness.
      Flexible, water and sweat resistant silicon band in a modern style, ideal for an active lifestyle.
      Constructed with Silicone (Belt) & Stainless Steel (Clasp)

      Number of Magnets: 4 x  100mT (1,000 Gauss) Ferrite permanent magnets

      Size:  One Size (14cm – 22cm which is adjustable every 5mm)