Wacle NECK AIR Magnetic Necklace

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  • “Colantotte Wacle Neck AIR” is a medical device that provides a 45mT magnetic field using original alternating north-south polarity orientation (ANSPO™) technology with thread-like, plastic magnets at 10mm intervals.
  • This necklace applies alternating 45mT north-south magnets spaced 10mm apart to 15cm behind the neck, an area prone to stiffness.
  • It’s as light as air. (Approx. 9g) Of all the products out today, this one is the thinnest* and lightest. You can play sports while feeling like there is nothing around your neck at all.
  • The thin diameter of 2.8mm and a special latch mechanism help to prevent the loop from being pulled apart.
  • The loop and top are covered with a resin coating to protect them from water and perspiration. The loop comes in medium and large sizes, and is available in four colors to coordinate with your wardrobe: black, grey, red, and blue.