Tao Necklace Slim Arie

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The slimmer version of the popular Tao Necklace is now added to the collection, with 3mm in loop diameter, the weight is reduced by 45%. The strength of the magnetic force is still the same despite lighter in weight.

  • "TAO Necklace Slim ARIE" is designed as the hexagonal top integrates with the loop portion. This model features the beautiful form and generates the simple and high-grade sansation.
  • The diameter of the slim type loop is only 3mm and the necklace fits well and gently around the neck.
  • The magnetic clasp can be unfastened from both the left and the right side, so that is easy to put on and take off.
  • The selected high corrosion resistant stainless, SUS316L, has been applied to the joint and top portion. It is polished one at a time by hand to realize the thoroughly delicate finish.
  • "Colantotte TAO Necklace Slim ARIE" is a Japanese medical device. The resin coated magnetic thread is magnetized to 55mT at 10mm intervals which utilizes Alternating North-South Polarity Orientation (ANSPOTM) technology. With TAO technology, you can feel the effect as soon as you put it on.
  • The technology applied to TAO Necklace is patented.


<Neck Loop> Urethane-resin-coated rubber neck loop magnetized by 55mT at 10-mm pitches
<Clasp> Stainless Steel (SUS316L/18K Plating)
<Inside of the clasp> POM

Size : M (43cm); L (47cm); XL (51cm)