SPORTS Necklace SR140 NEXT

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  • "Necklace SR 140 NEXT" is the latest addition to the "Colantotte SPORTS" series. With its lightweight design and simple shape that allows for unrestricted movement, it's ideal for wearing during sports activities.
  • The silicon loop features eight rare earth permanent magnets, each measuring  140mT (1400G), arranged in an Alternating North-South pole (ANSOP) configuration along the back neck area. This distribution of magnetic force over a broad area enhances blood circulation and relieve neck and shoulder stiffness.

  • Introducing the vibrant "Bicolor Style" for the necklace loop, exuding a lively and energetic vibe. Crafted from water-resistant silicone, it ensures comfort and versatility for both sports and everyday activities

  • Embedded with magnets, the joint facilitates effortless fastening and unfastening. The built-in magnets guarantee secure usage for added safety.

  • The waterproof design utilizes silicone material and is easily cleaned with water.

   Size:  M (43cm), L (51cm)

   Number of Magnets:  8 X 140mt (1400G) rare-earth permanent magnets

  • Color: Black x Black, White x Black, Red x Black, Lime x Black
  • Material: [Loop] Silicone, [Top] Polyacetal resin and stainless steel (SUS316L)
  • Medical device certification number: 305AGBZX00083000