RESNO Pro-Aid Socks [for Run]

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These socks provide support for the feet during running activities. They feature both low-rebound material that reduces the impact of the heel when it touches the ground and high-rebound material that supports pushing the foot upward from the ball of the foot.

We have obtained a patent for these socks as a type that uses two types of elastic materials. We recommend these socks not only for those who go for runs, but also those who enjoy walks and walk a lot as part of their jobs.

They are comfortable to wear and fast-drying, and the arch support they provide lessens the burden placed on your soles as you run and softens impacts, ensuring you can always run your best.

There are four basic colors: charcoal gray, white, blue, and red. The Colantotte logo is placed in an unassuming location near the top of the heel.

 It comes in S, M, and L sizes and is suitable for both men and women.

S:22~24cm, M:24~26cm, L:26~28cm