RESNO Magne Recovery Long Sleeve shirt

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Colantotte Resno Magne Recovery Long Shirt

  • A Recovery shirt that supports sleep with the power of magnetism.
  • 10 pieces of 130 milliTesla ferrite permanent magnets are arranged in Colantotte  unique alternating north-south pole arrangement. The magnetic force a wide range of areas, improves blood circulation ,relieves muscle stiffness, and supporting a comfortable sleep.
  • Constructed from a highly breathable and moderately stretchy fabric that feels smooth and soft to the touch.  The seams from the collar to the shoulders are reinforced with tape, while the armholes, sides, and sleeves are sewn on the exterior to minimize skin contact stress.
  • This fabric is crafted from the bled of eco-friendly Tencel Modal fibers and cotton. It offers a sustainable solution that is gentle on both the environment and the skin.

Number of Magnets: 

  • 10 x 130mT (1300G) Ferrite Permanent Magnet


<Shirt body> 50% cotton, 50% rayon (modal)

 Japan Medical Certification: 304AGBZX00012000

Sizes : 

S: [Height] Approx. 155-165cm, [Chest] Approx. 80-88cm
M: [Height] Approx. 165-175cm, [Chest] Approx. 88-96cm
L: [Height] Approx. 175-185cm, [Chest] Approx. 96-104cm
XL: [Height] Approx. 175-185cm, [Chest] Approx. 104-112cm