Necklace Crest Premium

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In addition to the brightly shining "Premium Gold" and very stylish "Premium Black", we have now added the popular "Premium Silver" to our popular CREST line-up. By maintaining gentle fit and improving their elegance, the new color CREST necklace will adorn your sports and casual style.

Silicone based necklace incorporating an elegant polished pendant, the Premium Crest Necklace is light and suitable for sports. Magnets are well spaced and neatly embedded within the silicone loop to ensure maximum magnetic coverage. Provides muscular relief for the neck and shoulder

Silicone is a water- and sweat-resistant material commonly used in various sport scenes. Available in three sizes for both men and women.

Number of Magnets: 8 x 160mT (1600G) rare-earth permanent magnets


Joints are made with tough and rust-resistant high-grade stainless steel SUS316L.

Band is made of silicone which is both water & sweat-resistant

Certification: 228AGBZX00115000

Size : S (43cm);  M (47cm);  L (51cm)