Maginsole HALF Insole Support

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    The cushion-like urethane foam material absorbs the impact to the sole
      Maginsole Half is a medical device with 6 pieces of 130mT (1300G) ferrite permanent magnets (one foot) arranged in the Colantotte’s unique Alternating North-South Polarity Orientation (ANSPO™) in the arch of the foot. This allows magnetic force to spread the effects across a wide surface, improving blood circulation from the foot bottom.
        The original form of the Maginsole Half supports the arch of the foot effectively and disperse a load on a foot. By reducing the pressure on the toe and secure the powering, it urge you to walk in the correct posture and maintain the function of the foot itself.
          Our original three-way-arch structure supports the arch of the foot solidly and enhances the basic function of the foot and reduces the tiredness.
          • Inner longitudinal arch: keeps the arch of the foot in a good shape and stabilise the posture and action. It may be effective to avoid getting flat foot.
          • Outer longitudinal arch: helps to lock the balance of the foot perpendicularly which tend to lean on the outer of the foot. It powers the little toe and keeps the walking posture right.
          • Transverse arch: supports metatarsal bones and forms an ideal shape of the arch. It could prevent from having hallux valgus or wide foot.
          The cusion-like urethane foam material absorbs the impact to the sole. It has high durability and keeps the functions for a prolonged period of time.
            Having the heel hole makes you possible to use the insole with a various kinds of shoes by keeping the height of your heel as if you are not using it.
              The simple design allows you to use it easily just by putting it into your shoes.
                You can hand wash the insole and keep it hygienic.
                  Available in three sizes for both men and women.


                  Magnet: 6 X 130mT (1300G)  for each insoles. (12 pieces of magnets in total)

                  Material: Polyurethane

                  Japanese Medical Device No. 221AGBZX00126000

                  Comes in a pair.


                  Small: (Approx.) 22 cm– 24cm

                  Medium: (Approx.) 24.5cm - 26cm

                  Large: (Approx.) 26.5cm - 28cm