MAG Supporter Knee W Wrap

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The Colantotte MAG Supporter Knee W Wrap, a magnetic knee support offering customizable fixation force for unrestricted movement.

The Colantotte MAG Supporter Knee W Wrap features eight ferrite permanent magnets, each with a strength of 160 millitesla (4 pieces x 2 magnet sheets), arranged in an alternating north-south pole configuration. This arrangement enables the magnetic force to influence a broad area, enhancing blood circulation at the application site and relieving stiffness.

A dual-wrap structure that grants you the flexibility to freely adjust pressure across the entire knee.

Highly flexible side bones are integrated on both the left and right sides to minimize lateral knee movement.

The Knee Supporter is designed to specifically target the knee joints and swelling of the legs.

Promoting blood circulation in the lower extremities of the knee, the Knee Supporter features 160 x 8 Gauss magnets.

TIP! The products are designed for an anatomical fit, measure your leg to make sure you choose one perfect for you.

Material: Polyester, Nylon, Polyurethane


Small (37-42cm)

Medium (42-47cm)

Large (47-52cm)