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Introducing the new THEO necklace, the highest spec Colantotte.

The necklace is made with carefully selected materials and is easy to match with any outfit, giving your chest a powerful and elegant look.

Colantotte's most advanced specification yet features a combination of a powerful 170 millitesla magnet and a 100 millitesla magnet, making it the highest specification suitable for the top-tier THEO series. Experience the real health benefits of this medical device-certified gear.

The Colantotte THEO Necklace LUSSO features a unique arrangement of magnets with alternating north-south poles, designed to improve blood circulation and relieve stiffness in the neck and shoulders. This magnetic necklace enhances circulation and effectively reduces stiffness in these areas.

An elegant design tailored for adults, exuding a distinctive presence. The combination of jet black and gold creates a high-quality, mysteriously powerful aesthetic on the chest. The matte-finished circular top and subtly shining magnetic grains on the loop accentuate a rugged sense of allure effortlessly when worn.

Utilizing surgical stainless steel known for its superb corrosion resistance and hypoallergenic properties. All metal components, including the chain linking the top and magnet, are crafted from this medical-grade material. Its durable construction ensures long-lasting performance.

Featuring a stainless steel chain and silicone ring that combine beauty with flexibility and strength. The magnets are meticulously finished with mirror cuts and matte coatings,  adding sophisticated detail. The loop's stainless steel chain and silicone ring ensure exceptional flexibility and durability, making it resistant to cutting.

Easy-to-use magnetic pendant design for quick attachment and removal.