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Introducing the new THEO necklace, the highest spec Colantotte ever.

The necklace is made with carefully selected materials and is easy to match with any outfit, giving your chest a strong and elegant look.

Colantotte's highest spec ever. A combination of a strong magnet of 170 millitesla and a magnet of 100 millitesla. Highest specs suitable for the highest peak THEO series. You can experience the effects of real health gear that is certified as a medical device.

Colantotte's unique alternating north-south pole arrangement of magnets is arranged throughout the neck loop. This arrangement allows the magnetic force to affect a wide range, improving blood circulation in the neck and shoulders and relieving stiffness in the neck and shoulders. Colantotte THEO Necklace LUSSO is a magnetic necklace that improves blood circulation in the neck and shoulders and is effective for stiffness.

A sophisticated design for adults with a special presence. A high-quality atmosphere played by jet black and gold with mysterious strength on the chest. The circle top with a matte finish that exudes luxury and the magnet grains on the loop part that shine casually accentuate your rugged sex appeal just by wearing it.

Adopts surgical stainless steel that has excellent corrosion resistance and is less likely to cause allergies. All metal parts, including the chain that connects the top and the magnet, are made of surgical stainless steel that is also used in medical equipment. Tough specifications support ideal performance forever.

A stainless steel chain and silicone ring that is not only beautiful but also flexible and strong. Sophisticated details of mirror-cut magnets and matte-coated magnets. By adopting a stainless steel chain and silicon ring for the loop part, it is highly flexible and difficult to cut.

Magnet type that is easy to put on and take off. Magnet type pendant top that can be quickly attached and detached.