SPORTS Necklace SR140

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  • This sports necklace doubles as a stylish accessory while harnessing the benefits  of magnetism for body wellness. Its lightweight and comfortable design ensures  a pleasant feel on the skin and allows unrestricted movement during sports activities.

  • The silicon loop of the Colantotte SPORTS Necklace SR140 houses eight rare earth permanent magnets, each with a strength of 140mT (1400G), arranged alternately with north and south poles. This configuration enables the magnetic force to impact a broad range of areas, enhancing blood circulation in the neck and shoulders and alleviating muscle stiffness. 
  • The Colantotte SPORTS Necklace SR140 serves as a magnetic solution for  improving blood circulation in the neck and shoulders while relieving stiffness.

  • This lightweight and comfortable design ensures no discomfort even during  vigorous movement, making it suitable for a variety of sports. Crafted with a waterproof silicone material, it can be easily cleaned with water.

  • Inspired by sports scenes, it boasts an active design and comes in four colors , often matching team colors.

  • Silicone is a water-resistant material and it is comfortable to use in various sport scenes as well as daily life.

   Size:  M (47cm), L (51cm)

   Number of Magnets:  8 X 140mt (1400G) rare-earth permanent magnets