Colantotte Sports PRO Wear Tops Long

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  • Colantotte magnetic sportswear is world leader in its field and a recognized medical device in Japan.
  • The Sports PRO Wear Long Tops represent top-tier magnetic compression wear designed with a patented power net structure that targets support for the upper body, particularly emphasizing the erector spinae muscles. Additionally, its unique pattern offers the potential for posture correction.

  • Unique and patented "ANSPO" magnetic orientation is effective in relieving  muscle stiffness, actually caring for your body while exercising.
  • By enhancing blood circulation in the upper body, this product helps flush away accumulated waste products and relieves muscle stiffness.

  • The design naturally pulls back the entire upper body, promoting chest expansion. This stabilization of your running form throughout the silhouette helps facilitate  easier arm swinging and enhances overall performance.

  • A power net is employed from the shoulders to the pelvis on the back of the body to provide support to the erector spinae muscles, which play a crucial role in  trunk movement from the neck to the pelvis.

  • Twenty x 160mm ferrite permanent magnets (10 pieces per 2 magnet sheets)  provide magnetic force across a broad area, enhancing blood circulation and alleviating stiffness at the targeted sites. This effectively improves blood flow to the upper pectoral muscles and reduces stiffness.

  • The garment is treated with a water-absorbing and quick-drying finish. Additionally, it offers UV protection with a cut of over 98%.

  • Number of Magnets: 
  • 20 x of 160 mT permanent Ferrite magnets


  • Polyester, Polyurethane, 

Sizes : 

M: (Height) 167-173cm, (Chest) 89-95cm, (Waist) 75-81cm(Approx.),

L: (Height) 172-178cm, (Chest) 93-99cm, (Waist) 79-85cm(Approx.),

XL: (Height) 177-183cm, (Chest) 97-103cm, (Waist) 83-89cm(Approx.)