Colantotte Sports PRO Wear Tops Long

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  • Colantotte magnetic sportswear is world leader in its field and a recongized medical device in Japan.
  • Sports PRO Wear Tops Long is high-spec magnetic compression wear with a patented power net structure that supports the upper body, focusing on the erector spinae muscles, and a special pattern that can be expected to correct posture.
  • To support the erector spinae muscles, which are deeply involved in the movement of the trunk from the neck to the pelvis, a power net is used from the shoulders to the pelvis in the back of the body.
    Assists movement of the trunk from around the pelvis, supporting posture maintenance.
  • Colantotte unique alternating north south pole arrangement allows magnetic force to affect a wide range. 
  • The front body is wide, the back body is narrow, and the armholes are placed further back tha usual.

  • The design pulls the entire upper body back and naturally expands the chest. Your running form is stabilized by pulling your body backwards throughout the silhouette and puffing out your chest. Make it easier to swing your arms and supports performance. 

  • 20 x 160mt permanent magnets (10 pieces x 2 magnet sheets). The magnetic force to be applied over a wide range of areas, improving blood circulation and relieving stiffness at the attachment site.
  • The water-absorbing and quick-drying finish is applied to the garment. Ultraviolet Screening (UV-cut): approx. over 98%.

  • Number of Magnets: 
  • 20 x of 160 mT permanent Ferrite magnets


  • Polyester, Polyurethane, 

SIzes : 

M: (Height) 167-173cm, (Chest) 89-95cm, (Waist) 75-81cm(Approx.),

L: (Height) 172-178cm, (Chest) 93-99cm, (Waist) 79-85cm(Approx.),

XL: (Height) 177-183cm, (Chest) 97-103cm, (Waist) 83-89cm(Approx.)