Colantotte Sports PRO Calf

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  • Colantotte Sports PRO Calf is a high magnetic Calf support that can be expected to improve performance while driving by suppressing tilt when landing with a structure that applies tension to the outside.
  • A power net is used from the inside to the outside of the legs. (Adopts a pattern specifically for the left and right sides) A ​​combination of fabric that smoothly expands and contracts according to movement during exercise and a power net suppresses the force that causes the legs to spread outward, reducing the load when running.
  • The 4 x 130 milliTesla ferrite permanent magnets (8 left and right total) arranged in alternating north and south poles. This arrangement allows the magnetic force to be applied over a wide range of areas, improving blood circulation and relieving stiffness at the attachment site.  Colantotte SPORTS PRO Calf support is a magnetic supporter that improves blood circulation in the calves and relieves stiffness.


Material:  Polyurethane, Polyester

Number of Magnets: 

4x 130mT (1000G) ferrite permanent magnets each side (8 pcs of magnets in total)

Comes in a pair

Colour: Black x Gold


S: Calf 32cm-36cm, Ankle 20-23cm
M: Calf 34cm-38cm, Ankle 21-24cm
L:   Calf 36cm-40cm, Ankle 21-24cm