Colantotte Sports PRO Calf

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  • The Colantotte Sports PRO Calf is a high-magnetic calf support designed to enhance performance during activities such as driving. Its structure applies tension to the outside, suppressing tilt upon landing, and thereby aiding performance improvement.

  • A power net extends from the inner to the outer sides of the legs, with a specific  pattern tailored for the left and right sides. This combination of fabric smoothly stretches and contracts with movement during exercise, while the power net works to minimize the force causing the legs to spread outward, thus decreasing the running load.

  • Arranged in alternating north and south poles, the 4 x 130mm ferrite permanent magnets (8 for both left and right) provide magnetic force across a broad area.  This setup enhances blood circulation and alleviates stiffness at the attachment site, leading to improved blood flow in the calves and reduced stiffness.


Material:  Polyurethane, Polyester

Number of Magnets: 

4x 130mT (1000G) ferrite permanent magnets each side (8 pcs of magnets in total)

Comes in a pair

Colour : Black x Gold


S: Calf 32cm-36cm, Ankle 20-23cm
M: Calf 34cm-38cm, Ankle 21-24cm
L:   Calf 36cm-40cm, Ankle 21-24cm