Sports Arm Loop SR140

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Magnetic arm accessory "Colantotte SPORTS Arm Loop SR140".

Magnetic arm accessories designed for athletes who prioritize body care during exercise. Available in four colors commonly found in team uniforms, these accessories are reversible, allowing you to choose colors and designs based on your daily mood.

Featuring a waterproof design that is resistant to water and can be washed with ease, making it ideal for use during sports activities.

Enhances arm blood circulation and effectively alleviates stiffness.

Colantotte arranges four 140 millitesla rare earth permanent magnets in its distinctive alternating north-south pole configuration. This setup enables a broad magnetic influence, enhancing blood circulation and easing stiffness at the attachment site.

Design that can be worn on either side.

  • Flexible, waterproof silicone band in a modern style, ideal for an active lifestyle.
  • Magnets: 4 rare earth permanent magnets of 140 millitesla arranged alternately between north and south poles
  • Color: Black x White, Blue x White, Yellow x Black, Red x Black
  • Medical device certification number: 304AGBZX00005000
  • Product size (inner circumference length: length of the inner side of the belt): M (17 cm) L(18.5cm)