MAG Supporter Waist X Belt

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Colantotte's Waist Belt is a magnetic support designed to provide firm and broad support to the waist area.

The Colantotte MAG Supporter X Belt incorporates twenty ferrite permanent magnets, each with a strength of 160 millitesla (10 pieces X 2 magnetic sheets). This unique configuration alternates between north and south poles, providing a broad magnetic influence that enhances blood circulation and relieves lower back stiffness

The belt features a movable cross structure that wraps around the waist in a flat plane. This X-shaped design evenly embraces the waist, providing effective compression and support.

Easy pressure adjustment with pulley principle.

The three-plate structure provides extensive support for the waist, offering protection for the lower back and a wide coverage area.

The belt is made of mesh material that offers excellent breathability, ensuring comfortable wear with reduced stuffiness.


Easy to wear and adjust
160 x 20 Gauss Ferrite Magnets

Polyester, Nylon, Polyurethane


S: 65-85 cm

M: 80-100 cm

L: 95-115 cm