MAG Supporter Waist X Belt

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Colantotte’s Waist Belt is a magnetic waist supporter that firmly supports the waist over a wide area.

 Twenty ferrite permanent magnets of 160 millitesla (10pieces x 2 magnet sheets) are arranged in an alternating north-south arrangement. This arrangement allows the magnetic force to affect a wide range, improving blood circulation in the waist and relieving stiffness in the waist.  

Colantotte MAG Supporter Lumbar X Belt is a magnetic lower back supporter that improves blood circulation in the lower back and relieves stiffness.

Movable cross structure that captures the waist in a plane. The belt structure depicting the X (cross) captures the waist evenly and achieves effective compression.

Easy pressure adjustment with pulley principle.

Three plate structure that supports a wide range of waist. Protects the lower back and supports a wide range.

Uses mesh material with excellent breathability. Comfortable with less stuffiness when worn.

The magnets placed along the buttocks muscles such as gluteus maximus and gluteus medius improve circulation, then muscle flexibility gets better.


Easy to wear and adjust
160 x 20 Gauss Ferrite Magnets

Polyester, Nylon, Polyurethane


S: 65-85 cm

M: 80-100 cm

L: 95-115 cm