Colantotte Necklace SPORTS PRO Mag Titanium Necklace

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  • Colantotte Sports PRO Mag Titanium Necklace RT150-RD is the lightest in Colantotte History.
  • Magnets and pure titanium accelerate sports performance.
  • All Metal parts are made of pure titanium, a highly functional material. A high-spec model that has an extremely low risk of metal allergies and is ultra-lightweight  highly durable, and highly corrosion resistant.
  • Using pure titanium for all metal parts, our goal was to create the lightest Colantotte necklace ever, weighing less than 7g. This necklace is designed to be so lightweight that you may forget you're even wearing it, allowing for stress-free wear during strenuous activities such as running.
  • The top design features the "S" for SPORTS with the Colantotte logo as a motif.  The metal parts have been given a matte finish, giving it a sporty yet calm impression.
  • This material has exceptional resistance to corrosion, discoloration, and deterioration. As a highly valued material, it effectively resists rust caused by exposure to water and sweat.
  • As a material known for its lack of ion generation, this necklace is commonly used in medical devices and implants to prevent metal allergies when in contact with sweat.