Colantotte RESNO MAG-RA Pillow

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Colantotte RENO MAG-RA Pillow

Colantotte RESNO MAG-RA pillow contains a total of 24 powerful 130mT ferrite permanent magnets in the alternating North-South Polarity Orientation (ANSPO) arranged in a triangle pattern to cover the locations of neck and shoulder stiffness.

This allows the magnetic force to affect a large area as opposed to only specific locations, ensuring that the magnetism reaches the neck and shoulders effectively to improve blood circulation and relieve muscle stiffness while you sleep.

The inner material uses ErgoBeads, which have moderate flexibility and resilience, providing an exquisite fit that allows the pillow to adjust to your body and sleeping position. You can adjust the height to your liking by inserting or removing the ErgoBeads material.

The ErgoBeads filling contains activated carbon that has deodorizing and moisture absorbing properties. In addition, it is highly breathable and durable, so you can use it hygienically for a long time

The special diamond-shaped beads inside spread out just enough to provide support from the head to the shoulders even when you turn over in bed.

The magnetic sheet can be removed, allowing the MAG-RA unit to be washed. (Please follow the washing instructions.)