Colantotte RESNO MAG-RA Wave Pillow

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Colantotte RENO MAG-RA Wave Pillow

Colantotte RESNO MAG-RA wave pillow uses a three-dimensional structure consisting of resin fiber material. We have achieved a moderate level of elasticity and resilience that is a neither too hard nor too soft. 

Supporting the area from the shoulder to the scapula reduces pressure on the neck and  back, achieving high pressure dispersion. It maintains a balance between snugly fitting the back of the head and shoulders and supporting the neck.

The spatial structure formed by the 3D structure causes about 93% of the pillow to  consist of a layer of air, thus maintaining high breathability that generates air flow.  This alleviates heat and stuffiness around the head during sleep.

A total of 16 permanent ferrite 130mT magnets are arranged in Colantotte's unique alternation North-South Polarity Orientation (ANSOP) at spots where shoulder stiffness occurs, transmitting the magnetic force effectively to the neck and shoulders over a wide area, thus promoting blood circulation and improving muscle stiffness.

Removable magnet sheets are used. By providing depression for the inserted magnet  sheets on the pillow body and pillow cover, reduce the discomfort of the magnet protrusions hitting the body which occurs with conventional products, making our product more comfortable to use.

The wavy shape fits the cure of the cervical spine, helping to return the cervical spine to its natural position.  Gently supporting the shoulders opens the chest and make breathing easier.

The front fabric of the pillow cover is made from soft-to-the-touch lyocell.  In addition, mesh fabric is used for the lyocell lining, back, and sides, ensuring breathability.

Two different height adjustment sheets, Large and small, are included. You can adjust to the height according to your preference.

The Pillow cover can be washed in a washing machine.  The pillow and height  adjustment sheets are hand-washable, allowing you to keep them clean.