Colantotte RESNO Eye Mask

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  • Colantotte RESNO eye mask GOODx3. Supports a comfortable sleep environment with reversible heat and cool sensation.

  • This eye mask features dual sides: a cool-touch surface (Black side) with antibacterial and deodorizing properties, and a moisture-wicking, heat-generating surface made of microacrylic and rayon (Charcoal gray side).

  • With its reversible design, you can opt for either a hot or cold sensation based on your mood and physical condition, ensuring a comfortable sleeping environment.

  • The microbeads have a moderate weight and fit securely into your eyes, blocking out light.  The microbead filling has just the right amount of volume and fits snugly into the hollows of your eyes.  It is extremely lightweight, weighing approximately 32g.
  • The belt utilizes a soft hook-and-loop fastener crafted from fiber. Its smooth surface prevents skin or clothing damage and allows for quiet removal. Its versatile attachment capability allows for freely adjustable sizing anywhere along the belt.