RESNO Magne Recovery Sleep wear Long Pants

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Colantotte Resno Magne Recovery Sleep wear Plus Long Pants

Wear the power of Magnetism.

  •  Just put it on the end of the day and go to sleep. Promotes blood circulation during sleep and improves stiffness.
  •  6 pieces of 180 millitesla ferrite permanent magnets are arranged along the sacrum in Colantotte unique alternating north-south pole arrangement. The magnetic force improves blood circulation in the area where it is attached and relives muscle stiffness.
  • The uneven special fabric Switch-Tex in the shape of Colantotte logo has up to 60% more contact with the skin than the previous product. It rubs again the skin as the body moves, leading to a the comfortable and relaxing time.
  • Supports relaxation like "light rubbing method".
  • The light rubbing method, also known as “superficial massage,” is a technique in which tactile stimulation is applied to the skin at a slow pace of about 5 cm per second, and can be expected to reduce pain and have a relaxing effect. In "Recovery Wear PLUS", the parasympathetic nerves are stimulated by rubbing the lining fabric against the skin, and the sense of relaxation is heightened by resting or lightly exercising while wearing it, and the magnetism further deepens the rest.
  • Modern people tend to cut their sleep time when they get busy. If you don't get enough sleep, you will carry over the tiredness of the day into the next day. People who are pressed for time want to create a comfortable sleep environment by incorporating recovery wear that they can just put on and sleep.

Number of Magnets: 

  • 6 x of 180mT permanent Ferrite magnets


  •  <Shirt body> Polyester: 96%, Polyurethane:4%
  •  <Rib> Polyester: 94%, Polyurethane: 6%

Japan Medical Certification: ● 231AGBZX00005000

Sizes : 

S: [Height] Approx. 155-165cm, [Waist] Approx. 68-76cm
M: [Height] Approx. 165-175cm, [Waist] Approx. 76-84cm
L: [Height] Approx. 175-185cm, [Waist] Approx. 84-94cm
XL: [Height] Approx. 175-185cm, [Waist] Approx. 94-104cm